Trinidad & Tobago

The Undiscovered Paradise…

Getting There

We flew 5.5 hours from Houston to Port of Spain, Trinidad and arrived on a Saturday night around 10pm.  Our original plan was to overnight near the airport, then take a taxi in the morning to the ferry terminal for the 8:30am ferry over to Tobago (a 2.5 hour boat trip).  Here is a link to Trinidad and Tobago’s Port Authority website to view ferry schedules.  We had not purchased our tickets for the ferry in advance and when we arrived at the hotel, we were warned that because it was Sunday, the ferry would likely fill up.  It was highly recommended that we be at the ferry office by 6am to wait in line outside for the office to open to be able to purchase our tickets.  Not wanting to wait outside for 2 hours at 6am, we immediately decided to look into alternative options.  We discovered that Caribbean Airlines is the sole airline that runs flights to and from Trinidad and Tobago.  The flights run about every hour starting around 5am and going until midnight.  To see a flight schedule click here.  Tickets purchased the day of travel were $26pp each way and it was a 15 minute flight… Definitely the way to go!

Downtown Port of Spain is approximately a 30 minute drive from the airport, equating to a $30 – $35 taxi ride.  They say there are public buses, however, don’t count on using them.  Locals don’t even recommend them because they are so infrequent and never on any kind of schedule, they apparently just come when they come, usually about every hour and often even less frequent (and I don’t think they run on Sundays at all).    **NOTE: Trinidad and Tobago drive on the LEFT, the opposite side of the road for us Americans :)  To see Port of Spain, if you can fair driving on the opposite side of the road, I recommend renting a car from the airport.  The least expensive rental car we were able to find was about $80 per day.  If you figure it will be a $60 – $70 fee just to get downtown via a taxi, you might as well spend just a bit more to have your own transportation.  You can read more on what to see and do on Trinidad below.


Day 1 – Arrive Late Night

Day 2 –  There is not a lot to do in Tobago so just Relax!  Spend the day at Pigeon Point. Pigeon Point was my favorite spot on the island.  I can’t really describe why, but maybe my pictures will give you an idea.  Take in some local fare, talk with a few of the locals to find out their favorite island spot  and rent a lawn chair for just $3.00 all day!

















We happened to arrive on Tobago on a Sunday so later that evening, we participated in the much talked about “Sunday School” in Buccoo Bay.  It was interesting.  We had read about the weekly event prior to our arrival, and I guess we had different expectations  In reality, it resembled a simple outdoor club.  We thought there would be more restaurants and bars but there was only one restaurant, a bit away from the scene and two actual bars.  Otherwise, there were a couple of tents with homemade buffets offering a selection of popular local fare.  There were also a few tables scattered with crafts for sale. The main area was a large grassy spot that would later be filled with locals dancing to their ever so popular Soca music.  To get an idea of the local music they play, Click here for a sample of Soca Music.  The traditional dance that they do with Soca, the best way I can describe it, is like dirty dancing.  Like hip-hop deep grinding.  It is very sexual.  BUT in the Trinidad and Tobago culture, the dancing is simply tradition and closely linked with Carnival.  I’m glad we got to experience it, but truthfully, it wasn’t quite our thing.  The evening does get busier as the night goes on.  It is probably most exciting between 11pm and 1am.


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