Singapore, Singapore

Marina Bay, Singapore


Getting There

From the US west coast, Singapore is approximately an 18 hour flight.  If flying United or Delta Airlines you will either travel through Tokyo’s Narita Airport or through Hong Kong’s International Airport.  Either way, you will land at Singapore’s Changi Airport between 12:30am and 1:30am.  The best way to get into the city center at this time is by using the Airport Shuttle.  They run 24 hours and the cost is $9US per person (public buses only run from 6am – 12am and taxis issue a 50% surcharge of the final metered fare between 12am – 6am).  To learn more about airport transportation please visit the Changi Airport home page.

While touring Singapore, the Singapore Rail line (SMRT) will be your best bet to get to and from popular landmarks and I highly recommend purchasing the Singapore Tourist Pass.  You can purchase this pass directly from an SMRT attendant at specific rail stations.  Make sure to check the website for the attendants hours of operation.  Also worth noting is that the trains and most buses begin making their final run for the evening just after 11pm, thus ending almost all public transportation around midnight.  If you are planning to stay out late, ie the Night Safari or a late dinner at one of the Quay’s, plan accordingly.



Day 1 –

Having just slept  most of the last 18 hours on a plane, when we arrived in Singapore at 1am, we were full of excitement and not sleepy at all.  We opted to make the most out of a very long day by staying awake and planning to go go bed early later that evening.  For us, that helped with the crazy time changes and put us on a Singapore schedule.  We dropped our stuff off at the hotel to store in their luggage room until we could check in 10 hours later, thus saving us an extra night in the hotel.  Please be advised that the whole city was pretty much asleep at his time; there was no public transportation and most everything was closed.  Except… the Mustafa Centre located in Little India.  Our hotel was located near the Bugis area which was within walking distance to the Little India district.  Singapore is an extremely safe and clean city.   While walking, we felt absolutely no threat to our safety even though it was in the middle of the night and the streets were deserted.  If you’re not within walking distance and want something to do in the middle of the night, take a taxi and make the most of your time there!  The Mustafa Center was interesting.  It’s definitely not fancy like other malls but rather much more cultural-like.  There is a big grocery store but as you walk through other parts, you will find that there might not be anything they don’t sell here (luggage, jewelry, electronics, cloths, souvenirs, kitchen supplies… and the list goes on). This place has everything at what seems like reasonable prices.

After visiting the Mustafa Center, we decided to watch the sunrise at the Chinese & Japanese Gardens.  We took an early train and wandered through the parks.


Japanese Gardens

Chinese Gardens








Later that evening, we went to see the Beautiful Marina Bay.

Day 2 –

Sentosa Island


Sri Mariammam Temple

Clark Quay


Day 3 –

Singapore Zoo & Night Safari


Day 4 –

Botanic Gardens

– Orchid Gardens

– Ginger Gardens

– Evolution Garden

Marina Bay

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